Steam: Top-Down Action Bundle – $0.08

You can get a 4-game bundle directly on Steam for just 8 cents! Top-Down Action Bundle can only be purchased for your own account, and not gifted, probably to stop people who would exploit the price, buy a lot of keys and sell them on G2A later.

8 cent bundle

Top-Down Action Bundle collects the following games for only 8 cents:

  • AI: RAMPAGE – Fight against the robots and reclaim the land! Attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where it seems like everything wants you dead! Tactical stealth action in a post-apocalyptic settings!
  • Rabiez: Epidemic – Real-time combat in the zombie apocalypse! Guide your survivors through hordes of the infected to escape the epicentre of infection!
  • Project Starship – Project Starship is an arcade bullet-hell with random mechanics. No match will ever be the same. Who will you be? Garret or Gwen? Will you save the world from the mighty cthulhu?
  • State of Anarchy – Fulfill your inner sociopath as you mow down enemies with guns and cars alike, in a bid to pull off the world’s largest heist!

State of Anarchy and Project Starship come with Steam Trading Cards so you can easily farm back the price of the bundle.

Thanks to MareGoldnHr, our awesome Steam Group admin for this find!

You can buy the Top-Down Action Bundle over at Steam (no word on when it ends so if you want it, buy it as soon as possible)


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