Super Savings, April 2nd

Today in Super Savings: major savings on Assassin’s Creed series over at Gamersgate, bunch of colorful indie bundles for $1 over at Green Man Gaming, and “From Russian With Love Sale” over at GOG!

First up, Amazon:

Note that you can buy digital games Amazon even if you’re not from USA. Just enter a US address as your primary shipping one.

* * *

Gamersgate: Galactic Deals & Ubisoft Week Sale


Selected deals include:

Galactic deals include:

More deals from Gamersgate:

* * *

GOG: Weekend Promo – From Russian With Love (35+ games on sale!)

GOG is celebrating site-availability in Russian language, and puts more than 35 games by Russian (and former SSSR countries) developers on sale:

Selected deals include:

* * *

Green Man Gaming: Colorful bundles for $1 and more!

Green Man Gaming’s sales department brings already featured deals + Payday 2 as the deal of the day.

Also, Holiday Madness sale over at Green Man Gaming brings bunch of bundles for only $1! Find the full list HERE.

And enjoy additional 20% OFF digital games in Green Man Gaming’s store (excludes some titles) with this voucher code:



For more deals visit our Sales section!


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