Super Savings, March 7th

Check out the weekend deals, including Rockstar sale on Amazon, discounting such classic as Max Payne, Manhunt, Bully and many more in our Super Savings Weekend Edition.


Rockstar sale on Amazon:

One other deal on Amazon worth mentioning is Dragon Age: Inquisition for 33% off – $39.99

Payday The Heist is still just $1.49 at Steam so if you’re low on cash, that one is a great value for just a buck and a half!

Mass Effect Trilogy is also available on GamersGate for around $10 during this weekend (some report it’s US-only, so unless you can work your way around VPN, sorry Europe and the rest of the world)


Last but not least, Gamersgate is throwing the X-series game sale this weekend – save big on all the X-titles!

Super Savings

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