Super Savings – Thursday, 26th February

Super Savings on video games, Wednesday, Thursday 26th 2015



If you’re looking to spend less than $5.00 on games today, then the choice is plentiful! There are 7 games going in from as the lowest as $0.99 for the Blood of the Werewolf to $3.75 for Rise of The Triad! Take a look at the whole list:

Blood of the Werewolf – $0.99 (90% OFF, Amazon)

Dangerous Waters – $3.74 (75% OFF, Amazon)

Space Trader $0.99 (80% OFF, Amazon)

Jack Orlando: Director’s Cut $0.69 (86% OFF, Amazon)

Deponia –  $0.49 (98% OFF, GoG)

Memoria –  $5.99 (70% OFF, GoG)

The Night of The Rabbit – $5.99 (70% OFF, GoG)

Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations – $2.50 (75% OFF, Gamersgate)

Grid 2 – $7.50 (75% OFF, Gamersgate)

Rise of The Triad – $3.75 (75% OFF, Gamersgate)

Titanfall $5.99 (55% OFF, Amazon)


Also, one of our favorite publishers, Telltale Games, is having a 75% off promo at GreenManGaming!



Save big on The Walking Dead, Back To The Future and Jurassic Park titles!


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