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Humble Manga Bundle: Award Winning Manga by Kodansha Comics

Award-winning manga at your fingertips. Get manga like Love Hina, BECK, Parasyte, To Your Eternity, Space Brothers, Your Lie in April, and Princess Jellyfish.

Humble Comics Bundle: Locke & Key and More

Start reading Locke & Key, Dying is Easy, Tales from the Darkside, Shadow Show: Stories In Celebration of Ray Bradbury, and more in this bundle full of horror and mystery comics.

Humble Comics Bundle: The Walking Dead

Get the full set of The Walking Dead, collecting ALL issues of the legendary series and meet Rick, Negan, Tyreese, Michonne, the Governor, and many more memorable characters.

Humble Comics & Audiobook Bundle: Doctor Who

Read Doctor Who: The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Volume 3 - Conversion then listen to Doctor Who: Technophobia and Doctor Who: Time Reaver.

The Humble Manga Bundle: Manga 2 Anime

A majority of the manga in this bundle has been made into an anime so you can read the manga before watching the anime (or vice versa). Get manga like Vinland Saga, Cells at Work!, BLAME!, Attack on Titan, and more.

FREE: MCM ComicCon Comics Bundle

With the MCM Comic Con Bundle, you’ll get four awesome comics from the artistic and creative minds of the industry in one collection; Sea of Thieves, Prophecy, The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #4 and Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #1

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Bethesda is giving away Arx Fatalis for free

To celebrate 20 years of Arcane Studios, Bethesda is giving away FREE copies of Arx Fatalis, a critically acclaimed first-person RPG, starting May 28 2020 and lasting until May 31 2020. Bethesda Launcher required to play the game.