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GMG : Mystery Bundle (7 Games)

Green Man Gaming returns with their biggest mystery bundle yet! 7 unknown games for an extremely low price. Please be aware that keys contained may be for Steam, Origin, and/or Uplay.

BundleStars: Artifex Mundi Enigmatis Bundle

Get ready for the adventures of a lifetime with a huge bundle of mystery games from BundleStars! You can unravel the mysteries of 8 enthralling Steam games for only £1.74 / $2.49.

IndieGala : Black Shell Media Monday Bundle

IndieGala presents a slew of games from Black Shell Media. While none of the titles strike me with their craftsmanship, it is a large group of games for a decent price. Hordelicious is likely my favorite pick from this bundle, and it's in the lowest tier. Huzzah!

OtakuMaker: Bundle #5

Otaku Bundle offers tons of bundles at discount prices. Indie Game Battle seems to be my pick for the top of this bundle, despite sharing the same initials as our illustrious site!

BundleStars : Leviathan Bundle

Murder, mystery and zoo animals! Test your skills, not your wallet with 9 epic Steam games in this indie game bundles for only $2.49 in the brand new, exclusive Leviathan Bundle! Featuring mind-bending, single-player co-op (that's right) and mysterious murder in a dark fantasy world to tycoon simulation and strategic elimination, go forth and build your empire!

Indie Gala : “Attraction” MEGA Bundle

A collection of classic PC games. While we usually focus on indie game bundle, we'll certainly settle for a plethora of PC classics! 17 games for $2.99 is insane. Pay homage to your roots with this gigantic bundle!

Last Three Free Sega Games

Be sure to thank Sega for this fantastic giveaway. The final day of this giveaway contains Renegade Ops, Gunstar Heroes, and Viking: Battle for Asgard. It was a Happy Valentine's Day after all. Sega will love me right.

Groupees : Miller on the Roof Game Bundle

Groupees will not be outdone this week. The steam game bundle craziness continues with an extremely diverse set of games. Whether you like space shooters, or tongue-in-cheek written humor, this bundle has something to offer to everyone!