The Complete Mobile App Developer eBook Bundle

These 10 eBooks Will Help You Break Into a Lucrative, Constantly In-Demand App Development Career + get extra 15% off with voucher code BFSAVE15 (expires 12/15)

The Complete Mobile App Developer eBook Bundle

The mobile app development business is booming. There are more than two million apps available on Apple’s App Store, which represents just the tip of the iceberg of the number of apps on the market. There literally is an app for everything these days. Businesses of all sizes are trying to become more accessible and flexible, which means app development is still approaching an all-time high.

Designers and developers are in significant demand and they can earn a pretty penny for doing interesting, compelling work.

The Complete Mobile App Developer eBook Bundle

Think the app development life sounds like it might be for you? This 10-book bundle from Packt Publishing can help. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Book 1: Practical Mobile Forensics – Third Edition
    • Get hands-on experience in performing simple to complex mobile forensics techniques
    • Retrieve & analyze data stored not only on mobile devices but also through the cloud and other sources
  • Book 2: Unity 2017 Mobile Game Development
    • Learn to create, publish & monetize your mobile games with the latest Unity 2017 tool-set easily for Android and iOS
    • Unleash the power of C# scripting to create realistic gameplay and animations in Unity 2017
  • Book 3: Intelligent Mobile Projects with TensorFlow
    • Create Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning apps for multiple platforms w/ TensorFlow
    • Learn modern AI topics such as computer vision, NLP, & deep reinforcement learning
  • Book 4: Mobile Forensics: Advanced Investigative Strategies
    • Simplify mobile forensics using the right mix of methods, techniques, & tools
    • Get valuable advice to put you in the mindset of a forensic professional, regardless of your career level or experience
  • Book 5: Machine Learning for Mobile
    • Leverage the power of machine learning on mobiles & build intelligent mobile applications with ease
    • Use popular machine learning toolkits such as Core ML & TensorFlow Lite
  • Book 6: UX Design for Mobile
    • Get proficient in building beautiful & appealing mobile interfaces (UI) w/ this complete mobile user experience (UX) design guide
    • Create low & high fidelity prototypes using some of the best tools
  • Book 7: jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials – Third Edition
    • Build a powerful & practical jQuery-based framework in order to create mobile-optimized websites
    • Become a competent jQuery Mobile developer & learn the building blocks of jQuery Mobile’s component-driven design
  • Book 8: React Native – Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript
    • Your go-to guide to creating truly native iOS & Android mobile applications using React and JavaScript
    • Build cross-platform best seller native mobile applications in JavaScript w/ React Native
  • Book 9: Mobile Application Penetration Testing
    • Explore real-world threat scenarios, attacks on mobile applications, & ways to counter them
    • Gain insights into the current threat landscape of mobile applications in particular
  • Book 10: Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android – Second Edition
    • Develop, test, & deliver fully-featured Android applications using Xamarin
    • Work w/ device capabilities such as location sensors and the camera

The Complete Mobile App Developer eBook Bundle is available at IGB DEALS for $19.99 (but you can get extra 15% off using code BFSAVE15 – expires Dec 15th 2019

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