The Culling Goes Free-to-Play starting today

Greetings Contestants! Battle Royale is back, and it’s now free 2 play!

The Culling is coming back from the dead by going F2P! Download it today and see what all the fuss is about this highly controversial title.

When can I play The Culling Origins?

The Culling: Origins launches this Friday, September 14th at 12PM Eastern Daylight time for Steam PC.

How does free-to-play work in Origins?

All aspects of gameplay are completely free-to-play in Origins.

What if I bought The Culling before it was free to play?

“All players who bought The Culling before it was free to play are entitled to our “Original Gangster” founder’s pack. For new players, this DLC package is priced to reflect the highest price we ever charged for The Culling.

It includes two full “O.G.” outfits, 1000 Tokens, 10 Cull Crates, 4 Culling Cards, 2 weapon skins, a Taunt, and a Celebration. All of the cosmetic items contained in the DLC are new and exclusive to the Founder’s Pack, meaning that you can’t purchase them individually or get them from Cull Crates.”


Just head over to Steam and add the game to your collection by clicking the Play Game button. Simple as that. Once The Culling: Origins is registered with your account, it’s yours to keep forever. Enjoy playing!

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