The 2023 Ultimate XBox Game Developer Bundle ft. 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold

8 Courses to Help You Create Your Own Games PLUS 3-Month Xbox Subscription to Relive the Classics!

What’s even better than getting free games and playing online with friends on Xbox? Well, making games! This bundle collects 8 amazing gamedev courses AND 3 months of Xbox Live Gold for just $19.99!

Here’s what you will get in this huge bundle:

  • Xbox Live Gold: 3-Month Subscription: Multiplayer, Exclusive Discounts & Free Games! Join the World’s Best Gamers on the Xbox Experience
  • Intro to Unreal Engine Game Development: Start Learning the Foundations of Game Development by Exploring Unreal Engine
  • Unreal Engine Mini-Projects: Expand Your Knowledge of the Blueprints Visual Scripting System for Unreal Engine
  • 3D Micro-Project: Point & Click RPG: Start Learning 3D RPG Mechanics by Getting Your Characters Moving in a Point & Click Micro-Project
  • Create a Micro Turn-Based RPG: Master the Foundations of Turn-Based Battle Systems for 2D RPGs
  • Action RPG Development for Beginners: Explore Unity & Build a 3D Action RPG Complete with Animations, Enemy, AI, and More
  • Construct an Arcade Game in Unreal Engine: Build a Road-Crossing, Arcade-Style Game in Unreal Engine While Mastering Level Layouts, Collectibles & More
  • Create a Platformer Game in Unreal Engine: Learn to Build a Platformer with Collectibles, Enemies & More with the Powerful Unreal Engine
  • Develop a First-Person Shooter in Unreal Engine: Expand Your Knowledge of the Unreal Engine by Building a First-Person Shooter with Moving Enemies & More

Get the The 2023 Ultimate XBox Game Developer Bundle at IGB DEALS for a limited time!

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