Waves 2: Notorious is now permanently free on Steam

Due to the death of the developer, Waves 2, a twin stick shooter goes permanently free on Steam. Just add it to your account to keep it forever.

Waves 2: Notorius is now permanently free on Steam

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Waves 2: Notorious is a Bullet Hell Twin-Stick Shooter. You play as a “Runner” diving into Cyberspace to engage in virtual combat deep within Corporate Networks. Try to evade the ever-watchful Administrator; an AI that learns your weaknesses and adapts as you play, and defeat its Guardians to become Notorious.

It’s your reflexes against the relentless assault of Bugs, Programs, Viruses, and AI’s in this Twin-Stick Shooter. Chain together kills to build your Combo and earn Adrenaline that can be unleashed in devastating Burst Attacks. Customize your Avatar’s Load-out to match your combat style and explore synergies between the 36 Items to find the best combination for you.

Waves 2 has Very Positive reviews and it used to costs $4.99 on Steam. Since the developer died of cancer, his partner made both Waves and Waves 2 free for everybody to enjoy.


To get the PC Steam version of this game for free, simply head over to Steam or navigate to the game in the Steam launcher, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever.

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