Android Marshmallow Mobile Developer Course

Create Impressive Phone & Wearable Apps with 14+ Hours of Java Dev Training

Android Marshmallow Mobile Developer Course

Consumers are ready to reap the benefits of Google’s latest Android boost, and it’s time you give the people what they want. With this highly-rate course, you’ll learn to utilize Java to build amazing apps for the latest and greatest operating system, Android Marshmallow. This course will not only show you the programming ropes from scratch, but teach you to code specifically for the growing smart watch community.

  • Code Android M phone & smart watch apps using Java w/ over 93 lectures & 14.5 hours of content
  • Learn to use Google’s main API’s when making Android apps
  • Understand the Wearable API to create apps for wearables
  • Learn to code in Java from scratch
  • Build five varied apps—from a weather app to a unit convertor
  • Navigate the process of publishing apps

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