Blink Bundle: Assorted Games Bundle

Blink Bundle is back with new bundle, including 9 Steam games for only $4.99

Three games are a standout. The Howler is supposed to be the best game for parties. You control hot air balloon in steampunk city. If you’re looking for more brain challenging puzzler try Unmechanical. And if you’d like to solve a family drama try Residue – it tells a personal story but still lets you explore and be a part of larger than life series of events.

Assorted Games Bundle includes:

  • Trace Vector
  • Residue: Final Cut
  • Gimbal
  • MURI
  • Mysterious Cities of Gold
  • Space Ark
  • Unmechanical
  • Type:Rider
  • The Howler

Get it over at Blink Bundle.

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