Bundle Stars Bionic Bundle ($2.49, 10 Steam games)

Bundle Stars Bionic Bundle – from robot uprising to pixel horror – a collection of 10 Steam indie games! This deal will last for 28 days.

Bundle Stars Bionic Bundle

TIER 1: Pay $2.49/ 2.79 € to get BAD END, Where are my Internets?, SnakEscape, Pozzo Jello Crusade, Settled, iZBOT, Electric Circuit, Nanuleu, Into The Gloom and Visitors.

6 out of 8 games in this indie game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards.

Buy the Bundle Stars Bionic Bundle here

Bundle Stars Bionic Bundle is a part of Bundle Fest 2017 with tons of other bundles and deals available for a limited time. Currently there are over 30 active bundles available at Bundle Stars


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