Bundle Stars Game Guru Bundle

A brand new gamedev bundle by Bundle Stars is live! Game Guru collection is yet another option for anyone that dreams of making their own game.

With GameGuru you can sculpt and paint your world, place down characters, weapons, ammo and other game items, then press one button and your game is made. You can even create multiplayer levels to play against your friends on Steam. Best of all, absolutely no programming knowledge is required!

Bundle Stars Game Guru Bundle contains the following Steam keys:

  • Game Guru
  • Game Guru Buildings Pack DLC
  • Game Guru Death Valley DLC
  • Game Guru Mega Pack 1 – 530 assets
  • Game Guru Mega Pack 2 – 600 assets

All the assets in the Mega Packs and DLC are royalty free, meaning any game you make with them can be legally sold by you.

Grab the Bundle Stars Game Guru Bundle here for the next 6 days only!

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