Bundle Stars: Legions of War Bundle

Legions of War Bundle contains 6 strategy games for all you fans out there!

Inspired by Mike Singleton’s 8-bit classic, Lords of Midnight, Legions of Ashworld is an absorbing turn-based war-game. Ashworld brings a sense of adventure to strategic war-gaming with its first-person view of an open world environment.

Take control of any country in European and North African theaters during World War 2, and fight on the land, air and sea in World War 2: Time of Wrath.

Recreate the events of the first campaign of World War 2 for the first time in The Campaign Series: Fall Weiss, an intriguing strategy game.

Set during the events of WW2, Strategic War in Europe is a classic turn-based strategy game that combines a deep strategic layer with accessibility and ease-of-use.

Storm over the Pacific is a game that takes place during 1937-1945. It depicts the conflict between the Japanese Empire, the USA and other allies during World War II.

The year is 1953. Stalin has just died, and World War III is now a reality. Will this conflict become a panzer corps’ clash of steel, or will the strategic command decide to nuke the enemy off the face of the planet?

Legions of War Bundle contains:

  • Legions of Ashworld
  • World War 2: Time of Wrath
  • The Campaign Series: Fall Weiss
  • Strategic War In Europe
  • Storm Over the Pacific
  • 1953: NATO vs Warsaw Pact

Get Legions of War Bundle over at Bundle Stars!

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