Pay What You Want: The Coding 101 Bundle

Pay What You Want: The Coding 101 Bundle

This eLearning bundle is a perfect starting point for beginners, collecting valuable courses on fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails, GitHub and more.

Pay what you want to get “jQuery for Beginners“, a course that teaches you to create powerful, impressive visual effects, interface widgets, and more in order to build dynamic, pro-quality sites.

Beat the average price to also get the following eLearning courses:

  • HTML & CSS for Beginners
  • PHP/MySQL for Beginners
  • JavaScript for Beginners
  • GitHub Fundamentals
  • Python for Beginners
  • Ruby on Rails for Beginners
  • Intro to Web Development
  • Java Programming for Beginners Part 1
  • Java Programming for Beginners Part 2

All these courses come with lifetime access, so pick one and take your time to master it!

Pay What You Want: The Coding 101 Bundle is available at IGB DEALS

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