Fanatical Build Your Own Bento Game Bundle 3

Fanatical Build Your Own Bento Game Bundle 3 is live! Take your pick from a selection of amazing, action-packed anime PC games, for a limited time only in the Fanatical Build your own Bento Bundle 3!

In this bundle you can pick how many games you want to buy. The more games you choose, the bigger the discount:

  • Get 3 games for $5.99
  • Get 5 games for $8.99
  • Get 10 games for $14.99

Fanatical Build Your Own Bento Bundle 3

Introducing the ultimate gaming extravaganza – the “Build Your Own Bento Bundle 3” on Fanatical! Get ready to embark on a gaming journey like no other, where you have the power to curate your own collection of incredible titles. Dive into a world of diverse gaming experiences with a selection that caters to every taste and preference. This bundle is a treasure trove of gaming delights, featuring a fantastic array of titles that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Choose from this huge list of available games to make your own custom game bundle:

Buy Fanatical Build Your Own Bento Bundle 3 here

All games come as redeemable Steam keys, directly supplied by the publishers to Fanatical. This bundle is available until October 12th 2023.

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