Fanatical Party Hard Bundle ($1)

When we party, we party hard! Fanatical Party Hard Bundle is now live!

Fanatical Party Hard Bundle

It’s time to boogie on down with the Fanatical Party Hard Bundle, featuring two awesome games filled with music and murder (on the dancefloor), for just $1:

  • PARTY HARD – Most people would call the cops if their neighbors were being rowdy, but in Party Hard, you decide it’s a better idea to kill everyone! Featuring tactical strategy gameplay with a retro pixel look, gamers will have to dodge the police’s regular visits, set traps and kill all partygoers and witnesses to achieve the ultimate goal – peace and quiet.
  • PARTY HARD TYCOON – Once your killing spree comes to an end, why not take on the role of a budding nightclub entrepreneur in Party Hard Tycoon, which sees players manage their own club. Pick a theme to make your event special, place the speakers accurately to drive your guests crazy, and don’t forget about security, entertainment, and – of course – booze!

Buy The Fanatical Party Hard Bundle here

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