Fanatical SNK Classics Bundle

Classic by name, classic by games – this is a truly spectacular collection of Steam games for fans of retro Indies.

Fanatical SNK Classics Bundle

The Fanatical SNK Classics Bundle gives gamers up to eight Steam keys, ideal for fans of the old school arcade titles, with up to 94% off!

Tier Two has limited stock, so be sure to grab both tiers for $4.99 to get access to an additional two action-packed games from the METAL SLUG franchise. Fight your way through chaotic side-scrolling battlefields in METAL SLUG X,  METAL SLUG 3, METAL SLUG 2 and the original METAL SLUG; and experience a fan favorite 2D top-down combat in SHOCK TROOPERS – with single-player and online multiplayer modes.

All games are playable on Windows.

Get the Fanatical SNK Classics Bundle here


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