Grab a Free Steam Key for Anomaly Korea

Grab a Free Steam Key for Anomaly Korea in a promo by Games Republic!

The aliens that had hit Baghdad and Tokyo in the original Anomaly: Warzone Earth have beed repelled only to strike at Seoul with new weapons and in even greater numbers in Anomaly Korea. To counter that unexpected threat, most experienced commander equipped with newly developed fighting vehicles and additional capabilities is sent to war.

The sequel to the famous game that reinvented tower defense genre by turning it around is now available in an ultimate deal: it’s FREE! Once you register to GamesRepublic you’ll get Anomaly Korea for free, including Steam cards.

Grab a Free Steam Key for Anomaly Korea here

The free game will appear in “My Games” section after confirming the (new) registration.

games republic sale

But, that’s not all! Check out the Exploration Sale at GR and save some money on cheap Steam keys!

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