Free Steam Key: Galactic Hitman

Free Steam Key: Galactic Hitman

The Developer says:

The Dargenziz pirates have taken control of our expansions in the zeta quadrant and we have a dire emergency that can only be handled by you. Colonist ships are already in route and you are the closest available contractor to assist our cause. Clear out the pirate filth before the colonists arrive to avoid massive casualties on our side.
Explore custom space base levels from a first person perspective. Interact with your environment to construct cover from enemy fire along the way. Use melee, sci-fi weaponry, and explosives to blast your way through the pirate scum and secure safety for the colonists. Can you complete the contract and put a notch on your Galactic Hitman resume?

The Community says:

To summarize, you’re a lone man killing aliens in a series of hallways or hangars that look the same in the 6 bases. You have weapons with huge ammo account: grenades that aren’t really killing people in the area, a superb knife that you can’t use unless you have only one enemy, a pistol that isn’t really efficient and barrils around that may explode next to your enemy but he’s still standing. The only weapon you’ll use is the rifle anyway.
Did I mention the fact that enemies can shoot you through closed doors or walls, that they’re all facing you, ready to kill you as you have the great idea to stay standing (quick death) instead of crouching and safely hit them one by one? -Vic =HKC=

Grab your free Steam key for Galactic Hitman over at Digital Homicide!

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