Free Steam Key: Ubinota – now available

UPDATE: Ubinota Free Game promo is now live!

Razer Cortex and Indie Gala partnered up to bring us Ubinota – the game will be free on Razer Cortex: Deals at 00:00 AM PDT on the 15th October 2015!

Calculate it to your local time right here – 10000 keys will be up for grabs so no need to wait for the exact time to grab it, plenty of Ubinotas to go around 🙂

Game Description:

In a world where inhabitants live in the sky on floating islands made of cubes, a disaster threatens to make the population fall into the depths. The magic paint that keeps the cubes stuck together is drying out. Lucien, a trainee painter, fights with others against the disaster by repainting the islands.


“Revolutionary 3d puzzle mechanics”
Gaming Blend

“The art design is bright and rich, and the music so far is light and fluffy, complementing the real joy that is the gameplay.”

“Inventive puzzle game.”

Once this promo is live, you can get it here

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