Free: Ultimate Coding Bundle

Yes, 27 Hours of Comprehensive Coding Instruction Is Absolutely Free!

Free: Ultimate Coding Bundle

This eLearning bundle covers basics of Ruby, Google Go, JavaScript, JQuery and full stack development. If you’re low on cash, this might be the right fit for you as it costs nothing!

Ultimate Coding Bundle collects the following online courses:

  • Ruby Programming Basics – Ruby is one of the most popular and powerful web programming languages for very good reason. It’s an elegant, digestible language that, when combined with the Rails framework, can accomplish massive tasks with relatively little code. This course introduces you to the many implementations and uses of Ruby, and even introduces you to Rails as well.
  • Learn Google Go Lang – Go Language is an open source programming language that was developed at Google to simplify many programming tasks. It’s an excellent language to add to your coding repertoire and may help you separate yourself from other programmers of similar ability. In this course, you’ll learn the syntax of Go, and how to streamline your programs using Go’s efficient functionality.
  • Javascript and jQuery Basics for Beginners – jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use, as it dramatically simplifies the process of writing JavaScript. Common tasks that otherwise take lines of code to execute? With jQuery, you can simply write one line and be done with it. Whether you’re working with HTML or implementing animations, you’ll find your development process to be easier than ever.
  • Java Programming for Mobile Developers – Java is a highly portable language that is used in everything from mobile phones to Blu-Ray players to your favorite websites. It makes it easy for websites to deliver content dynamically on multiple platforms, from desktops to mobile devices. Learning Java will give you an excellent foundation for your programming journey and prepare you for bigger challenges to come.
  • Become a Full Stack Web Developer in 14 days – The Full Stack refers to the complete assembly of tools and pieces required to make a web app fully functional, from design to databasing, and everything in between. Full Stack developers are relatively rare as they require a huge range of expertise, which is why they are consistently in high demand. This course encourages you to work one hour per day for 14 days to learn the entire process of building a web app. Run through it a few times, and you may just be able to call yourself a Full Stack Developer soon.

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