Free Video Games This Week (Aug 21st 2022)

Time for the weekly free PC games update! This week you can get BATTALION: Legacy and Waves 2: Notorious on Steam, Doom 64 and Rumbleverse DLC at Epic, a few more free games on IndieGala plus some more surprises.

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Let’s start off with free games available on Steam;

Waves 2: Notorius is now permanently free on Steam

Due to the untimely passing of its sole game developer, the twin stick shooter Waves 2: Notorious is now permanently free on Steam (as is the original Waves game). In this colorful game you can customize your avatar’s load-out to match your combat style and explore synergies between the 36 items to find the best combination for you.

Waves 2: Notorious has Very Positive reviews and it used to costs $4.99 on Steam, but now you can get it for free. Sadly, it will never leave Early Access, but it’s playable and quite fun.

BATTALION: Legacy is now FREE on Steam

BATTALION: Legacy recaptures the core of classic shooters in the final iteration of Battalion 1944. Return to the simple days of playing first person shooters with your friends. Grab your bolt action rifle in ‘rifles only’ mode or compete in 5v5 Search and Destroy.
This is another game that turned from a paid game into a free forever game, mainly because the developers decided to abandon it. You can still play it in multiplayer because there’s an influx of new players but probably not for long.
If you want to check it out, here’s the link to where you can download it for free on Steam.

What’s free at Epic Games Store this week?

DOOM 64 is free at Epic Games Store this week

There’s one free game at Epic this week: DOOM 64.

This is an enhanced version of a classic Nintendo 64 game from waaaaay back in 1997. It’s basically a bunch of new levels for Doom 2 so if you like that kind of old school kick ass gameplay, you’re gonna love this. This games comes with modern features such as 60 FPS, new lighting and visual effects, a bunch of lost levels continuing the story etc.

DOOM 64 can be yours forever if you add it to your account at Epic Games Store until next Thursday, August 25th 2022.

FREE Rumbleverse Boom Boxer Content Pack on Epic

Also at Epic Games this week you can get free Rumbleverse Boom Boxer Pack DLC:

  • The exclusive Boom Boxer set
    – Boxing headset
    – Boxing gloves
    – Boxing tank top
    – Boxing trunks
    – Boxing shoes
  • An exclusive title card background and border
  • A 120 minute gameplay Fame booster

You’ll need a base game of Rumbleverse to play this DLC. The base game is free and available here, and the free Boom Boxer Content DLC is here (free only before 25 August @ 5:00pm CET)

Any other DRM-free game deals?

Vorax ALPHA is FREE at IndieGala

Indie Gala is offering 5 PC games for free at this moment. All of the following come as DRM-free downloads:

You can get one more game for free at this week – HUNT3R, an old school JRPG indie game. This one is temporarily free so add it to your account while you can!

GOG does have one free game at the moment, the retro horror Stasis. Also make sure to check out these 30+ permanently free games.

Did I miss any free games? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them to the post!

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