GamesRepublic: Darksiders Franchise Pack

Get your dark side on with Darksiders Franchise Pack – including both Darksiders games plus all the DLC packs for $8.99. Steam keys included! Available for a limited time at IGB-curated GamesRepublic store!



War. War never changes. Oops, wrong game. But how about playing as the Horseman of the Apocalypse, War? Or his brother, Death?

Check out the trailer for the original:

Hack, slash and loot through the apocalypse with these titles included in the Darksiders Franchise Pack:

  • Darksiders
  • Darksiders II

And the DLC packs, including:

  • Darksiders II – Abyssal Forge DLC
  • Darksiders II – Argul’s Tomb DLC
  • Darksiders II – The Demon Lord Belial DLC
  • Darksiders II – Death Rides DLC
  • Darksiders II – Angel of Death DLC
  • Darksiders II – Deadly Despair DLC
  • Darksiders II – Fletcher’s Crow Hammer DLC
  • Darksiders II – Mace Maximus DLC
  • Darksiders II – Mortis Pack DLC
  • Darksiders II – Rusanov’s Axe DLC
  • Darksiders II – Shadow of Death DLC
  • Darksiders II – Van Der Schmash Hammer DLC
  • Darksiders II – Season Pass
  • Darksiders II Soundtrack


Buy Darksiders Franchise Pack for $8.99 at Games Republic (Steam keys included)

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