Get a month of Uplay+ for free

“Sign up by 15th of August to enjoy free access from 3rd to 30th September”

Uplay+ is a new subscription service that lets you play over 100 Ubisoft games, including all new releases such as Watch Dogs Legion (once it launches). After the free trial period, Uplay+ will cost $15 per month. This subscription is available on PC only.

To get free access from 3rd to 30th September 2019, head over here, login, click on the “Try It For Free” banner and wait for the mail to arrive before the service launches.

This is the second Netflix-like service, after Microsoft’s Game Pass for PC, which is much cheaper – $1 now, $5 while it’s in beta, and $10 once it fully launches. Check it out here (Windows 10 only, not available in all regions)

What do you think about these new subscription type deals? Like them or hate them? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. hello when you click on the “Microsoft’s Game Pass for PC” it takes you to “Xbox Game Pass PC Games”

    i dont have a xbox one, all i have i very old oringal xbox and some games , so whats the point of
    this all i can understand is that its for xbox one owners who want to play there xbox one games
    on thier pc? so they have a steam like copy on both platforms?

    you asked what i think of “What do you think about these new subscription type deals?”

    well so far im confused as there is so many different types and systems i dont know
    how they all work , besides that if you dont get to keep the games seems like a bad idea, i wondering
    what others are thinking myself

    I just wanted to add with microsoft game it wants your main login details can you not make
    a game account alone like steam , why are they forcing me to link everything together
    including xbox accounts

  2. Helpful Guy, the Xbox Pc game pass is for PC!

    It says on the page: “Discover your next favorite game.
    Unlimited access to a library of high-quality PC games for an introductory price of $4.99 per month (MSRP $9.99 per month). With a huge variety of games from every genre, there’s something for everyone—and enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. With games added all the time, you’ll always have something new to play.”

  3. If it’s still unclear, let me try to say it this way. Like you pay one fixed price for a month of Netflix where you can watch any show or movie you like, with this you also pay one fixed price per month and during that time you can play any of the 100+ games that are on offer.

  4. hi tonci braculj, yeah that makes sense why they call it xbox game pass and not microsoft game pc pass
    made me think its for xbox owners only but thanks for clearing that up.

    in the past there was mircosoft games on pc i remember gears of war was a mircosoft pc game
    so does that mean people who paid for it on pc now own it on xbox 360 aswell?

    also vice versa, owners of xbox 360 or xbox one have a thing where the old games they own
    now work on pc becuase they ported them over?

    i read some where that this e3 , they added even more games from the orginal xbox onto
    newer consoles that means if you still have your old games they will now work on
    newer xbox consoles.

    how this stuff all works is and what the rules are i have no idea yet, but im try research into this.

    as for netflix this uplay thing is the same , google has a version of there own coming out next year to,
    then theres origin which has the same rent netflix style to.

    then theres playstation network but that means having even more consoles and owning games
    on there platform to , but i dont really want consoles im trying to move to pc only personally as
    i dont think i have the time to play all these games 🙂


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