Get all QUAKE Champions for FREE during QuakeCon 2020

Celebrate the 25th annual QuakeCon with a global Super Stream, featuring 60 straight hours of nonstop live content from around the world.

Get all QUAKE Champions for FREE during QuakeCon 2020


Unlock All Quake Champions if you login and play one match during this weekend. Once you do that, the champions are yours to keep forever!

To start, head over to Steam and download Quake Champions for free.

Other rumored freebies for this weekend event (August 7-9):

  • QUAKE for Free! – During this weekend, players will be able to enter and get a free digital copy of the original Quake in the Bethesda launcher. You must be logged in to your account to claim the free game.
  • Donations for QUAKE II – If donations reach $ 10,000, players will get a free digital copy of QUAKE II in the Bethesda launcher, this would happen shortly after the event.
  • ESO Game Mascot – Check out any of the official ESO broadcasts every day and you’ll receive a unique Twitch Drop from QuakeCon, the Flame Atronach Pony mascot, plus Ouroboros Crown boxes! Be sure to link your ESO and Twitch accounts to qualify.
  • DOOM Eternal QuakeCon Slayer Skin – DOOM Eternal players will be able to access a free QuakeCon Slayer Skin, icon and player badge on all platforms. Available until August 11.
  • QUAKE Champions Railgun Pistol Skin – Claim a free and exclusive look of a QuakeCon 2020 Railgun in QUAKE Champions.
  • Demonic variants of the Fallout 76 Sheepsquatch outfit and Mr. Fuzzy’s backpack – Claim these free in-game items at the Atomic Shop throughout the weekend, available on all platforms.

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