GMG Indie Monthly Bundle June 2017

GMG Indie Monthly Bundle June 2017 just launched – unlike the previous Monthly Bundle by GMG, this one does not cost a buck, but it (probably) has a better selection of games, including In Between (90% score), Safety First! (92% score) and more.

GMG Indie Monthly Bundle June 2017

Indie Pack includes the following Steam games for $15 total:

  • Arson and Plunder Unleashed
  • Safety Firs
  • Dub Dash
  • In Between
  • Onikira Demon Kille
  • Skilltree Sag
  • Soulcraft
  • Race.a.bit
  • Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1 Tides of Fate
  • After the End: The Harvest

Get the GMG Indie Monthly Bundle June 2017 here

HINT: If you’re getting Green Man Gamings newsletter, check you mail for a coupon that brings the price of this bundle from $15 down to $0.15!

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