GMG Indie Monthly Bundle May 2017 ($1)

Played all of your AAA games to death and have nothing to play until the next release? Green Man Gaming has got you covered with monthly Indie Bundles. Here is what you get in May’s bundle so now is the perfect time to try a new title or two out!

GMG Indie Monthly Bundle May 2017

GMG Indie Monthly Bundle May 2017 includes Red Goblin, All Guns on Deck, One Hundred Ways, Game Tycoon 2, Gold Rush Anniversary, Wanda, Dragon Kingdom War, Starfringe Adversus, Tales Across Time and Corporate Lifestyle Simulator.

You can grab May’s indie bundle right here! Also just an FYI, the full retail price for these games altogether is $71.99. You can just grab all these games for just $1! Go Go Go!!

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