Grab a FREE Monsti Steam key


Grab a FREE Monsti Steam key in a giveaway by Indie Gala. Monsti has mixed Steam reviews and usually costs $1.99

EDIT: this giveaway has ended

free monsti steam game steam key from Cubic bundle at Indie Game Bundles

Are you ready to test your skills in Monsti world?

Playing Monsti is easy, all you have to do is to click and fly for as much time as you can. There will be many obstacles that come your way and you have to do all in your power in order to avoid them.

As you go through the level you will be able to collect eggs, which will offer you immediate access to a variety of great new characters. Eggs are hard to get and many times you will have to go through trial and error in order to acquire them.

If the Normal game mode is too simple for you, we also offer an Insane mode where the enemies will move a lot faster so it will be even more challenging for you to move onward and acquire the eggs. The eggs will also allow you to purchase new themes, so if you do get enough you can also explore new locations and levels.


Grab your free Monsti Steam key at Indie Gala, just scroll down a bit until you find a giveaway banner.

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  1. Can someplease please care to explain how to get these free games? I am having a lot of trouble trying to get it for free

  2. You just have to create an account on Indiegala at first, and then you should see a banner on the top of the page given in link here, where you can share by Twitter & co, close the window with the “X” and click the “Claim” button. The key will be in your Indiegala account after some times, check your bundles.

  3. But keep well in mind you should receive that free game for a limited period only. So, the last freebies announced by Indie Game Bundles are the only game you can get it for free. The others generally expired for a long time.

    So check daily this page.

  4. But I can’t see anymore the free game currently. It could be a banner somehow on the page, but maybe its just too late.

  5. I already have an account and when I click the link on here it takes me to the store page and thats it, I dont know where to go from the store page. Nothing else pops up just me on the store page. I click on ‘Giveaways’ tab and it just has a whole bunch of games I can take part in.


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