Grab Little Big Adventure 2 for FREE

Little Big Adventure 2 is FREE at GOG for the next 2 days! This legendary game has very positive reviews. Grab it for free while you can and enjoy your DRM-free version forever!

Little Big Adventure 2 is a must-have for any adventure games fan. This gem is everything its predecessor was, only better. With a top-notch story, moody music, and memorable characters it will give you a great gaming experience that will last for many hours. If you have played this game before, then you will be surprised how well it aged. If you haven’t, then you are in luck – one of the best adventure games this planet has to offer is right here before you.

  • Top-notch story, memorable characters, hilarious jokes, enjoyable combat, and more – this game has everything an adventure game should have.
  • Great music, created by Philippe Vachey, beautifully enhances the already enchanting atmosphere.
  • The gameplay has been greatly improved when compared to its predecessor, e.g. you can save whenever you want.

To Grab Little Big Adventure 2 for FREE, go to GOG and scroll down to find the free game banner, then login and grab it!

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