Humble Weekly Bundle Might & Magic

With the beta for Might & Magic Heroes VII, what better time for a re-bundle than now – Humble Weekly Bundle Might & Magic is here!

Check out the trailer for Might & Magic Heroes VII below:

Pay $1 or more for:

  • Heroes of Might & Magic II: Gold Edition
  • Heroes of Might & Magic IV: Complete Edition
  • Might & Magic VI-Pack
  • Might & Magic Heroes Online – Angel Starter Pack
  • Might & Magic Heroes VII Beta Key

Pay more than the average price to also get:

  • Heroes of Might & Magic V
  • Might & Magic Heroes VI – Gold Edition
  • Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (including “I Am the Boss” DLC)
  • Heroes of Might & Magic V: Hammers of Fate DLC
  • Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East
  • Heroes of Might & Magic

Pay $10 or more to get all of that plus:

  • Heroes of Might & Magic 3 – HD Edition
  • Might & Magic X Legacy
  • Might & Magic X Legacy – The Falcon & The Unicorn DLC
  • Might & Magic Heroes VI – Shades of Darkness
  • Might & Magic Duel of Champions – Starter Pack

Buy the Humble Weekly Bundle Might & Magic right here

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