IGB Deals: Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

8 Addicting Games for Android


Mobile gamers, rejoice! A bundle made just for you, which includes 8 super fun Android games of various genres – adventures, arcade racers, mind-bending puzzlers, retro JRPGs….It’s all here for only $3.99! Now let’s not waste any more time and onto the games:


Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

 The games packed in are:


Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle
Pahelika: Secret Legends – Solve the Mysteries of Faraway Lands
Uncover the magical device that will lead you to far-off lands, where you will be challenged to solve puzzles and pass through hidden traps on your quest for safety. Explore strange, exotic locations and create new objects by combining other objects!
Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle
Doom & Destiny – Tap into Your Inner Nerd & Take On Evil Villains
Imagine you’re a nerd, mistaken for a hero, battling an evil villain through 100 exciting levels of adventure. Welcome to the world of Doom & Destiny, where nerds make the rules. Enjoy 20 hours of story and 20 hours of extras, adventures, side-quests…it has no in-app purchases or ads, features more than 200 special powers and spells, more than 300 enemies, more than 500 items: potions, chips, weapons, shirts, and armor!
Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle
Block Legend – Navigate Your Way Through Complex Puzzles & Quests
This retro puzzle Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) takes you through vast terrains, where you will take on scary monsters, visit far-fledged towns, and be challenged to complete the quests at hand to continue. Huge selection of characters to choose from, over 100 quests to complete and unique adventures with each quest!

Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

Wan Nyan Slash – Embark on an Action-Packed Samurai Journey to Save Japan

Slash every demon that crosses your path on this whirlwind journey to save Japan with top Japanese samurai characters Wan and Nyan. Use secret moves to pull off awesome combos, unlockable costumes, each with their own abilities plus Achievements and Game Center support!

Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

Shiny The Firefly – Fly, Run, Hide & Defend Your Way Through a Dangerous Garden
Reunite Shiny the firefly with his family, while defending against the garden’s many enemies in this game of wit and intellect. 3 different worlds w/ 33 levels, puzzles and other game elements, supports MOGA controllers and Google Play Game Services Achievements!

Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

Ms. Kong – Jump into a Wild Gorilla Jungle Adventure
Swing through the wild 3D jungle grabbing bananas to feed your hungry baby in this action-packed game starring Ms. Kong, a massive, 500-pound, quick-footed gorilla. The game also features top player rankings, upgradable “power ups” and Google Play Game Services support for Leaderboards and Achievements!

Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

race.a.bit – Twist & Turn Through This Classic Arcade-Style Racing Game
Relive old-school, 8-bit-style racing games with this fast-paced remake that let’s you design your own custom tracks. Race on your newly built tracks or beat competitors on their own turf. The game features large selection of tracks and vehicles. powerful editor w/ tons of objects & functions, various control modes, global cross-platform leaderboard system for constant competition and HID Controller support, NVIDIA Shield and MOGA support!

Hardcore Android Gamer Bundle

Bridge Constructor Playground – Get Your Virtual Toolbox Out & Get Building

Welcome to the Bridge Constructor Playground, where you build bridges over deep valleys and rushing rivers to support heavy traffic at any moment — no construction experience required. You will have 160 challenges on 4 different islands & 30 levels; 5 settings: city, canyon, beach, mountains & rolling hills; 4 different building materials: wood, steel, steel cable & concrete piles. The game is great for the whole family! Also featured: Google Play Game Services for Achievements and Leaderboards!!

If you’re in, get the bundle here for only $3.99!


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