Ikoid: Medieval Talisman Bundle


The latest Ikoid bundle is named after Talisman Prologue, a game that focuses it’s core gameplay mechanics on drawing cards to resolve specific situations: leading you into new encounters and fights. The fans of a Bridge Constructor will cherish it’s medieval incarnation in Bridge Constructor Medieval. Ever wondered how it looks like in front of gates of heaven? Or you simply liked the idea of deciding who gets to heaven and who to hell? Exploit your religious and dogmatic fantasies in hilarious Sin Manager. Planet Wars bring ideals of feudalism beyond the outer stratosphere into the galaxy.

Fulfill your medieval warlord fantasies with these games:

  • Talisman Prologue
  • Bridge Constructor Medieval
  • Sin Manager
  • Planet Wars

Get it over at Ikoid.

Did you know that Ikoid bundles offer discounts on Android games every couple of weeks? The Medieval Talisman bundle is 76% off regular price and you can grab it for only $1.99.

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