Indie Royale: The Mixer Bundle #17


The Mixer Bundle #17 comes with 10 games (10 Steam, 8 DRM Free and 2 Steam Trading Cards). Again, the sooner you snatch it, the cheaper it is. Here are our favorites from this bundle:

  • The Blue Flamingo

The Blue Flamingo is created using handmade models. A 32 feet long handcrafted model was built specially for the game, along with countless props and assets. All the effects, rocket flares and explosions were created using pyrotechnics. The story follows events of a big piloting competition. They take turns finishing a dangerous track, hoping to dominate the score table. Your team is making the final preparations. And your ship – ”The Blue Flamingo” stands ready and waiting in the hangar.

You can find out more about this game in Brandon Dayton’s review right here on IGB!

  • Party of Sin

Ever had that itching desire to break out of hell and into the highest reaches of heaven?  Still furious about the destiny of Darksiders franchise? In Party of Sin, you take control of the Seven Deadly Sins in a coopetitive puzzle-platformer for 1-4 players. Master a large, dynamic team of anti-heroes — the Seven Deadly Sins — as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity.

  • Lantern Forge 

Lantern Forge is a sandbox survival game with building, crafting, and RPG elements. It features an isometric view with hack ‘n slash combat. Players will mine and forage for resources to build a home, plant crops, and craft weapons and armor. They can then venture out to explore the wilderness, find hidden dungeons and temples, fight unique monsters, and collect the treasures they guard.

The Mixer Bundle #17 includes:

  • The Blue Flamingo
  • Zombie Solitaire
  • Postmortem: one must die
  • Air Guardians
  • Critical Mass
  • Streets of Chaos
  • Party of Sin
  • Memories of A Vagabond
  • Lantern Forge

Grab the Mixer Bundle #17 over at Indie Royale!

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