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Gun Metal, Eurofighter Typhoon and Desert Thunder will put you behind the wheels of most powerful weapons of destruction. If you’d like to deal with the baddies with your own hands try CT Special Forces – a classic shooter with non stop action! Then, beat up the aliens trying to invade your home world in both Incoming & Incoming Forces.

Fans of racing games should enjoy SRS Street Racing Syndicate and Glacier 3: The Meltdown. The latter is adrenaline pumped racing experience through slippery and ice-y roads. Note that you shouldn’t try those tricks on the roads upcoming winter.

Actua Soccer 3 is the soccer classic that started a games love affair with football. This was one of the first games to introduce full 3D graphics, one that will waken your 90’s gaming nostalgia for sure!


Kiss My Funbox Bundle includes:

  • Incoming & Incoming Forces
  • SRS Street Racing Syndicate
  • CT Special Forces
  • Desert Thunder
  • Actua Soccer
  • Gun Metal
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Glacier 3

Get it over at Kiss My Bundles.

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