Learn how to use Unity3D for $9

Learn how to use Unity3D, and you’ll have amassed some real game development firepower. You’ll be well-equipped to create both 2D and 3D games, playable on iOS, Oculus Rift, and many other popular platforms, with this eLearning course.

Learn how to use Unity3D for $9

Familiarize yourself with the C# programming language, and learn to easily navigate the Unity interface: you’ll soon be creating menus, enabling in-app purchases, and configuring leaderboards like a real champ.

  • Build 6 games w/ over 33 hours of content
  • Master coding in C# & using the Unity3D game engine
  • Create menus, a loading screen, animations & more
  • Play music in your games, create in-app purchases, craft Facebook sharing mechanisms, etc.
  • Integrate interstitial & video ads to generate revenue
  • Implement leaderboards & support multiple screen resolutions
  • Submit your games to app stores for user download

This online course is temporarily just $9 (down from $15) over at IGB DEALS

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