Lifetime Access Mac Bundle

Lifetime Access Mac Bundle

What’s the Difference Between a Standard & Lifetime License?

Great question! A Standard License issues full access to the app and all minor updates for life. Minor updates usually include fixes to bugs that surface post-launch. As you know, when an app gets a major update (and advances to the next version e.g. V2, V3, V4), older versions often grow obsolete. Perhaps it no longer works properly with your new computer or OS, or maybe you’re simply missing out on serious improvements and experiencing some major FOMO.

That’s why a Lifetime License is so appealing. You’ll get a lifetime of major upgrades, and inevitably a world of new features that are beyond our current imagination. Many of our Lifetime License options are exclusive offers, at the web’s best prices.

Lifetime Access Mac Bundle collects the following apps:

  • NetSpot Pro: Lifetime License
  • Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription
  • Camera Guard PRO: Lifetime License
  • CameraBag Cinema: Lifetime License
  • Hands Off!: Lifetime License
  • Biff: Lifetime License
  • Arq 5: Lifetime License
  • Yummy FTP Pro: LIfetime License
  • Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate: Lifetime License
  • CloudMounter: Lifetime License

All those apps would normally cost you up to $1.251! Get them all at IGB DEALS for $49

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