Lord of The Rings Online: FREE DLC

Another chance to get free quests for your free Lord of The Rings Online account! Similar promo was available previously in 2021, so if you missed it, now’s the chance to hop back in and kick Saurons ass from here back to Mordor.

And Halbrand is TOTALLY Sauron, right. Right?

Free Lord of The Rings Online Quest Packs

Also, LOTR Online was #2 in our list of TOP TEN FREE MMORPGS TO PLAY IN 2022.


Get caught up in time for the upcoming Before the Shadow Expansion with a special coupon Code that will let you acquire many currently-available quest packs permanently on your account(s)!

However, you will need to act quickly, as this Coupon Code is only available to redeem through October 31st, 2022.

The Coupon Code is: FREEQUESTS2022 (1 per Account, available to redeem through October 31st, 2022)

This Coupon Code will grant the following to your game account:

  • Quest Pack: Central Gondor
  • Quest Pack: East Gondor
  • Quest Pack: West Gondor
  • Quest Pack: Old Anórien
  • Region Pack: Far Anórien
  • Quest Pack: March of the King
  • Quest Pack: Battle of the Black Gate
  • Quest Pack: Legacy of the Necromancer
  • Quest Pack: Where Dragons Dwell
  • Quest Pack: The Vales of Anduin
  • Quest Pack: Mists of Wilderland
  • Quest Pack: The Wildwood
  • The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins
  • Quest Pack: The Blood of Azog
  • Quest Pack: Rangers and Ruins
  • Quest Pack: Yondershire

Additionally, enjoy a limited time sale on select Expansion quests in the LOTRO Store where you will be able to pick up the following items for only 99 points through October 31st, 2022:

  • Mordor
  • War of Three Peaks
  • Minas Morgul


Go to Steam and download Lord of the Rings Online for free (29 GB download). You can then redeem the coupon FREEQUESTS2022 in-game before October 31st, 2022.

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