PlayInjector: Autumonium Bundle


From cyborg to cyberpunk. Automonium Bundle is all about endless possibilities and unique SF settings.

We know there are a lot of sci-fi fans among you. We can relate!

If so, check out the Automonium Bundle, it includes:


Tier 1 – 1$

* Exit: Escape from the Bunker (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Blop From Space (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* 500 Years Act 1 (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)

Tier 2 – BTA
* Super Cyborg (Win, Steam, DRM-Free)
* Cyberpunk 3776 (Win,OSX, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Armies of Alamar (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Space Slice (Win, Desura, DRM-Free, OST)

Tier 3 – 5.99$ or more
* Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Pid (Featured Game) (Win, OSX, Steam DRM-Free)


Get it over at PlayInjector.

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