Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4)

Learn Spanish, French, Italian or English with Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4), 66% off!

Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4)

If your dream is to master a foreign language, there’s not better teacher than Rosetta Stone. With its intuitive, immersive method, Rosetta Stone will have you reading, writing, and speaking like a natural in no time. You’ll start by matching words with images just like when you learned your native language as a child. Then you’ll move onto interactive lessons where speech recognition technology works to evaluate and improve your accent with instant feedback. The reviews don’t lie, Rosetta Stone is the best way to master a second, third, or fourth language from home. Learn at your own pace – this is a  course that never expires!

PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award: Best Language-Learning Software

“Rosetta Stone TOTALe may be the next best thing to living in a country.” Wall Street Journal

  • Learn a new language w/ the award-winning interactive software & proprietary speech-recognition technology that analyzes the words you say 100 times per second
  • Develop your command of the language–read, write, speak & understand
  • Learn basic conversational skills like shopping, ordering, taking a taxi, etc.
  • Move onto advanced language skills like sharing opinions & discussing pop culture
  • Enhance your learning on-the-go w/ Rosetta Stone mobile apps (3-month trial included)
  • Play language-enhancing games & take live online lessons w/ the included headset/microphone
  • Take levels 1-4 to go from beginner to advanced
  • Use the advanced speech engine to compare your accent to native speakers
  • Get 12 live tutoring sessions w/ a native speaker

Customers will receive both a digital code to redeem online & a physical DVD. The digital code can be found with the software box upon arrival.

Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4) is available for Spanish, English, Italian or French languages over at IGB DEALS

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