Stream and Giveaway: Bundle Stars Vigilante Bundle (closed)

Join Brandon as he streams some games from the Bundle Stars Vigilante Bundle and gives away a few copies of the bundle!

You can watch the stream over at our Twitch Channel or right here:
Watch live video from IndieGameBundles on

The Vigilante Bundle line-up includes:
  • Metrocide (Windows/Mac)
  • Abandoned (Windows)
  • Forest Warrior (Windows)
  • Super Cyborg (Windows)
  • Super Distro (Windows)
  • Hordelicious (Windows)
  • Jet Racing Extreme (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Kidnapped (Windows)
  • Towncraft (Windows/Mac)
  • Noir Syndrome (Windows)


Get The Vigilante Bundle at Bundle Stars for a limited time

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