Super Savings, March 16th

Today in Super Savings: Silver Bullets promo by Good Old Games (and free Rise of the Triad!), Gamersgate Telltale Sale and Green Man Gamings Civilization deals!

GOG: Weekly Staff Picks: Silver Bullets


This week GOG is celebrating the canons of gaming with Weekly Staff Picks: Silver Bullets promo. And what better way to celebrate, than by giving  30,000 copies of a modern shooter with all the classic charm you know and love? Rise of the Triad (2013)! Silver Bullets highlight some of the biggest, baddest first person shooters ever made – at discounts up to 70% off.

Selected deals include:

Green Man Gaming: Civilization Titles up to 75% OFF


Selected deals include:

Don’t forget you can use this promo code for additional 20% OFF:


Gamersgate: Telltale Games Sale

For more deals visit our Sales section!


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