Super Savings – Sunday, 22nd February

Super Savings on video games, Sunday, February 22nd 2015



Litl DivilA free game on Indie Gala

GAME DEALS: If you’re in the mood for some light hearted Indie puzzlers then Rochard might be a perfect pick – it’s going only $1.99 on Amazon. There’s also the insane mayhem you can live trough with Worms Reloaded…for those looking for a more visceral experience, then we should point out at This War of Mine on Gamesrepublic.

Check out the list:

Rochard – $1.99 (80% OFF, Amazon)

Worms Reloaded – $4.98 (75% OFF, Greenmangaming)

Hitman 2 – Silent Assassin – $3.15 (55% OFF, Amazon)

The Book of Unwritten Tales  $4.99 (75% OFF, GoG)

Shelter – $1.99 (80% OFF, GoG)

Battlefield 3 (UK) – $4.99 (75% OFF, Gamersgate)

This War of Mine – $14.99 (25% OFF, Gamesrepublic)

Funky Smugglers – $1.99 (80% OFF, Gamesrepubic)

Sid Meyer’s Civlization V –  $6.95 (60% OFF, Gamesrocket)




Also, be sure to check out Green Man Gaming’s Play Together Sale, featuring a bunch of multiplayer titles and 4-packs, such as Sanctum 2, Eve Online, Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara and a bunch of others.


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