The Desolate Hope is FREE on Steam for a limited time

The Desolate Hope is FREE on Steam for a limited time! This game was made by Scott Cawthon, most famous by his Five Nights at Freddy’s games.


“This game has multiple genres, an ’80s sci-fi flick art style, and a coffee pot”

“The Desolate Hope, isn’t great just because of its stunning artwork, its gripping sci-fi story, and its coffee pot protagonist. It also packs a triple punch with three distinct gameplay types, each skillfully woven together.”

“From a gameplay point of view The Desolate Hope mixes platforming with overhead adventure segments and semi turn-based battles. This is already intriguing, but I’m more impressed by its stunning visual style.”

How To Get The Desolate Hope Steam Key For Free:

Just head over to Steam and add the game to your account by clicking on the “install” button. Simple as that. Enjoy your free game!

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