Fanatical RPG Heroes Bundle 2

Second day of Heroes Week brings us Fanatical RPG Heroes Bundle 2 – Spend your skill points with this RPG Bundle and equip your Steam library with 8 epic games at a special introductory price for the first 72 hours only!

rpg heroes bundle 2

6 games include Steam Trading Cards so this is a PC bundle no card hunter can afford to miss!

Vast fantasy worlds, dangerous quests and hordes of demonic foes, the RPG Heroes 2 Bundle includes:

  • Blood Knights
  • Demonicon
  • Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut
  • Hero of the Kingdom
  • Sudeki
  • Bardbarian
  • Drakensang
  • Deep Dungeons of Doom

Get Fanatical RPG Heroes Bundle 2 for just $2.99 over at Fanatical

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