Bundle Stars Sims Mega Bundle 2

To avoid confusion, Bundle Stars Sims Mega Bundle 2 does not include any Sims games – it’s a collection of 11 Steam simulators, featuring games from extreme trucking and explosive demolition to running a hotel or your very own ski resort

Bundle Stars Sims Mega Bundle 2

Bundle Stars Sims Mega Bundle 2 includes the following simulation Steam games:

  • New York Taxi Simulator (STEAM)
  • Agricultural Simulator 2012: Deluxe Edition (STEAM)
  • Blaster Simulator (STEAM)
  • Rail Cargo Simulator (STEAM)
  • New York Bus Simulator (STEAM)
  • Extreme Roads USA (STEAM)
  • Luxury Hotel Emporium (STEAM)
  • Ski-World Simulator (STEAM)
  • Aviator – Bush Pilot (STEAM)
  • Hotel Giant 2 (STEAM)


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