3 Free Steam Games if you Collect Stamps at Humble – Day 4

EDIT: This giveaway is over.

Another giveaway by Humble Bundle has launched to celebrate the Humble Store Summer Sale – for this one, you’ll need to:

  1. Collect 1 stamp and receive a 10% discount coupon for Humble Monthly!
  2. Collect 3 stamps and receive Glass Masquerade for FREE!
  3. Collect 4 stamps and receive Slay.one for FREE while supplies last!
  4. Collect 6 stamps and receive Murderous Pursuits for FREE while supplies last!

NOTE: To get Murderous Pursuits, you’ll need to make a purchase at Humble Store since it requires 6 stamps and the giveaway lasts 5 days. If you bought anything over $5, the game is yours (provided you collect 5 other daily stamps)

3 Free Steam Games if you Collect Stamps at Humble - Day 1

To claim your daily stamp, head over here and click on the “collect rewards” button.

You have until the end of the sale to claim enough stamps and get your free games. Additionally, if you started out late, you can catch up by getting an extra stamp for each $5 you spend in the Humble Store.

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