DLH: Troma Project Free Steam Key

DLH: Troma Project Free Steam Key

The Developer says:

WARNING: Originally completed in the year 2001 this game was never released. It contains extensive swearing, rude language, sex, crime, splatter Horror – everything what was not acceptable for a Video game 15 years ago. If you play this game, please do not take anything too serious.

The Troma Project is the exciting turn based strategy game which puts you in the world of Troma and Toxic Mayhem! Featuring The Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. and Super Tromette Tiffany Shepis, Toxic Mayhem is the fun and addictive game which allows players to mindlessly kill anything and everything that moves! And, at the beginning of every mission, Lloyd Kaufman will give you advice on how to get through it! Toxic Mayhem is the greatest video game since Toxic Crusaders for the Sega Genesis and Nintendo! Features: Turn-based Strategy featuring The Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD! Seven chapters full of Fun & Gore! Be prepared for a long journey across the globe: Travel to Tromaville, Arabia, Motumbuland and other strange places! Meet Nelson MacMengele and dozens of other fucked up enemies! Amazing interactivity: go after hundreds of Tromatic weapons, drugs and other useful items. Mix your own drinks! Use your inventory to mess around with your equipment, make target-shots and blow up cars! Check out the Tromatic movie cutscenes in full-screen blood & gore while you follow the thrilling storyline to its dramatic conclusion! More than 25 tracks of music, featuring Nevermore, The Loose Nuts, songs from famous TopWare games and Troma movies, and many more! –

The Community says:

X-Com meets Tromaville. I like both so I enjoy this one. If you are not a fan of turned based games and or the Troma movies, then this game isn’t for you.

I only played the first two missions so far, but it is fun. Control Toxie, Sargent Kabukiman and a new character the stranger and show why Surf Nazis musst die!

Loyd Kaufmans narration is great, and the soundtrack is nice too (It consists of the soundtracks of the movies, and various metal and punk music, very fitting and fun to listen too, again if you enjoy that type of music). There is also plenty of Troma movie clips. Again highly recommended if you like turned based tactics like X-Com/Fallout/Jagged Alliance and if you like Troma.


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