Free Steam Key: Chicken Shoot 2

Free Steam Key: Chicken Shoot 2

The Developer says:

Nothing from what I’ve found. This game is indefensible, but also free… Chicken Shoot was met with unanimously negative reviews. It currently has a score of 26% on Game Rankings. GameSpot referred to it as “Duck Hunt for idiots” and felt that the repetitive shooting had no point. IGN also pointed out that the same chickens were reused multiple times, and that the minigame was broken and mute. This game got a 0.0 and a -2.0 out of 10 on Reviews on the Run, the second lowest rating ever given by the show. British magazine NGamer gave it a score of 7%, the lowest score ever given by them for a Wii game. The Nintendo DS version of the game has a score of 17% on Metacritic. GamesRadar ranked it as the 39th worst game ever made. The staff suggested that it was shovelware and the worst on the Wii.

The Community says:

The basic control mechanics are simplified to the point of boredom. You only point and shoot and except for a handful of different stages to do just that, there’s not much to see. The title utilizes hand-drawn 2D graphics that, while not exactly ugly, are certainly dated, even for the less powerful Wii. The game features a very decent selection of locales to gun down ducks in, from the icy depths of Antarctica to the Nevada desert, where an extraterrestrial duck has crash landed. To give you an idea of just how shallow the game is and how often the same chickens and sound effects are re-used, the aforementioned alien chicken reappears in exactly the same spot after you have shot him dozens of times. Levels function as one big, tedious loop, respawning the same challenges over and over and over again until you start to wonder if there’s even any point. We’re still not sure that there is.

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